I’ve been in your burned-out soul space

. . . and conceivably should be still.

This post is for those going through crisis, who feel they are coming unhinged by the enormity of it all.

To you I say: subside.

To you I say: visit your hollowspace.

To you I say: there are resources beyond understanding available to you.

To you I say: go silent, go limp.

As many times a day as you can. For a minute, for ten minutes. Wherever you can. Whenever you can. Go silent. Go limp. 

Contemplative connection

There is nothing that can’t be improved by contemplative silence.

Many say to watch your thoughts and let them go. I’ve found that to be useless advice unless you’ve already been practicing meditation consistently. But love does work. It sounds Sixties silly, it sounds New Age nonsensical, but it works.

I’ve found — when in silent attention — mustering love toward an object of anguish is a powerful disintegrator.

I know what it’s like to be faced with situations so dire you don’t know how you’ll make it through the week. Even the night. I heard from others that Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Then I found out it’s true.

There is something about streaming love into an agonizing issue that dissipates the fear. If you let that love stream through you into your problem — for as long as it takes — believe me, you will find peace. It may not be forever, but you will find peace. Here, now, in the minutes to come.

I’ve sat in stillness for an hour or more — in the mid of night — to receive and enjoy that peace. Once there you will want to bask in the playful glow . . . .

Though often it may take only minutes to dissolve anxiety around an issue, if it is something ongoing — be it financial or with your health or with a person prominent in your life — some issue that strikes dread into your heart — then it is worth whatever time it takes to love that fear to pieces, till it quite literally breaks apart in your mind and drifts off.

Remarkably, afterward, you may find the situation resolving itself in surprising ways, without additional effort.

Remarkably, something from out of the possibility field may zap the issue — the solution may come like a thunderclap, like the gods setting something aright in a Greek play.

Even if not, you have a powerful weapon to assist you in the coming days as you face it down. I’ve gone there as often as possible when in crisis. And because the peace is so sweet, so cleansing, I’ll stay there rapt in that attentive sitting stance till long after my legs have gone numb.

Not that I notice till I get up and fall over.  

Love by association

When I couldn’t find love to give toward a vexing subject, issuing love by association has been effective.

Immerse yourself in an object of love — in my twenties that would have been myself! — and then transfer that feeling to your issue. You’ll feel a softening almost immediately.

You may need to go back and forth a bit, like carrying water to douse a campfire.

There are many ways to back off the precipice. This is the simplist and most effective.

Love is the answer and you know that for sure.
Love is a flower, you got to let it, you got to let it grow.

— John Lennon


The love-by-association concept from this article was inspired by Jeannine Perlman, who first brought this technique up in a Dreamers Club meeting. Thank you Jah-Woman!  

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