Jah-Woman: After the challenge, bliss

Have you ever had light-hearted growth?

When Jeannine Perlman (Jah-Woman!) and I sat down to talk a few weeks back, I asked her that question. After laughing and saying what a great question it was the ultimate stalling technique  she thought a while and then said this:

My inspirations for growth have been challenges, but I can remember moments of bliss and joy that came from seeing those challenges from a new perspective, a higher or more evolved perspective, and being so incredibly grateful for the experience.

I wouldn’t have considered it even to have been possible to be grateful for the experience, yet I truly, truly am for what it’s brought.

Blew my socks off and gave me chills. I’ll bet you can relate in some way to this too. Though not always first, lightness comes . . . .

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