Jah-Woman: The evolution of a practice

Some of the most rewarding spiritual journeys come by degrees. Bit by bit by itty bit.

Stories of profound epiphanies excite us  the teenager who is healed overnight; the man who comes back from a near-death experience transformed; the despairing woman who has an insight so powerful the rest of her life is changed. 

In speaking with Jah-Woman (alter ego of Jeannine Perlman) you get how incredibly fortunate those of us are who find our way step by step. 

Each step is a new opening. Each step brings new teachers. Each step, a new way of being. Each step, a revelation and a blessing and a new-found joy. 

These long journeys tend to be idiosyncratic, as it has been for Jeannine, with many seemingly unrelated turns. Except for one thing, the trajectory is ever higher. These evolutionary journeys are life long.

They may not be easy to transpose into a movie, either  an easy narrative  because the moments are profoundly personal. It’s not as if you can depict it simply by saying, well, she went to India where she found God, then she went to Bali where she found love.

In these life-long spiritual evolutions, God and love are found by degrees in every step. Each step reveals a different name for the divine. 

In one step, the divine is Forgiveness
another step, Patience
another step, Surrender
another step, Emptiness
another step, Acceptance
another step, Appreciation
another step, Fullness
another step, Playfulness
another step, Magnificence
another step, Exuberance
another step, Love Baby Love!

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