Jah-Woman: The unshackling

I think you’re going to relish this from my chat with Jeannine Perlman a few weeks back:

You don’t need a sophisticated spiritual practice to get through difficulty.

What you have at your fingertips is enough to get you through.

At the age of 37, going through blow-out turbulence in her first marriage, Jeannine sought assistance. As she tells it now, her spiritual practice then was rudimentary to nonexistent. Some praying, some insight provided by a spiritual counselor, lots of anguished thought.

Just cleansing myself took a lot of effort.

At one point she gazed at herself in the mirror and had the ground rumbling realization that a lifetime alone would be better than another day of the torment she was going through. 

Once she realized it was OK to leave a marriage that didn’t work (despite the therapy), she felt clarity and lightenment. Not enlightenment. She felt lightened, the way the hot-air balloon feels when the anchors are dropped away.

Instantly a peace and faith and confidence she hadn’t known before became hers.

After that, she said:

It was one of the most magical times I’ve ever experienced, the way things opened up just like stepping stones coming into view. 

One thing led to another led to another led to freedom led to that day a few weeks back when I’m chatting with a vibrant woman who makes you feel you’ve been given darshan* when she embraces you hello and goodbye.

* spiritual blessing received in the presence of the divine

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