John Marshall won’t accept this!

The forever effervescent John Marshall lives much of the time in his camper. It’s also his work vehicle. And only mode of transport.

Me: What do you do when your vehicle breaks down?

John: I don’t accept that word!

He was vehement and immediate in his response. 

He spoke about how attentive he was to the camper’s needs, and how over the years it had gotten so that he could anticipate where things might go awry. 

He does the majority of the vehicle maintenance himself, so you could say that he and the camper have blended into a unified field. 

What I loved  why I’m sharing this with you today  was his utter dismissal of the idea that it could break down. He simply didn’t allow that concept into his thinking.

It wasn’t that he pretended it wouldn’t break down. 

No  he intended it so fiercely that he learned every little thing about the machine  so he could be ahead of its needs. 

And live problem free. (At least in this area . . . )

Intention. Determination. Action. 


For you —

Evan Griffith
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