Joy is a verb

My favorite mantra these days is, Joy through me.

I’m asking my impish OmJah spirit to express joy through me. From the inner to the outer . . . and to see it everywhere . . . to feel the joy I know is out there in the world . . . and to let it in.

Here I use joy as a verb. Because joy is a verb!

Joy is active. Joy is lived. Joy is experience in its highest mode.

Joy contains all that we treasure most. In joy is love. In joy is compassion and spontaneity and larkfulness.

Joy is active. Joy creates.

Joy transforms a face, a moment, a roadblock.

Joy transmits. Joy celebrates. Joy expresses!

Joy through me today, I say.

Joy through me now, I ask whether I’m feeling it or not.

It is as much a prayer request as it is an appreciative yelp of thankfulness.

When joy is in me the circle is complete. The One and the many are joined.

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