Last night in meditation, and afterward

Last night in meditation, and afterward, a love impossibly warm and encompassing gushed through me. I could scarcely contain it  so I didn’t. 

I released it to you, and you and you and you and you  for any and all  I sent it everywhere, though my sending it was unnecessary, it’s already there  everywhere.

It’s where you are, should you wish to access it.

A love incomprehensibly vast and warm is there for us all. It only takes a little love on our parts to unleash the flow of the unendingly deep current.

Once released it gushes.

Steep in it  while you flow it to others, to all. 

I would say it’s a faucet to be turned on  but no  it’s a spring always there, suddenly burst open as if from a crack in your surface.

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