Laugh until your heart overflows

Tonight Zane, 10, decided to briskly walk about the house until bedtime. This was, oh, fifteen minutes before lights out. I was in the kitchen cleaning up. Ann was stripping his bed and installing new sheets. Zane breezed by several times.

Z: I’m not stopping!

I turned and watched him cruise around the living area, threading between the back of a couch and the low-lying ex-planter area now filled with white rocks. Bodhi — the dog — was trotting with him.

Zane disappeared and re-appeared, in and out of rooms. His orbit brought him past Ann — he said something I didn’t catch.

Z, as he neared me again: If you want a hug you’re going to have to keep up.

He said it twice for emphasis.

I saw that he was serious, he wasn’t slowing. I scooped him up and hugged him to me while I twirled in the direction of his motion, around and around a few times till I placed him down again in the same trajectory as before.

Z: Good, Daddy!

On he went. I lost him for a few minutes. From time to time he called out from somewhere in the house: I’m not stopping!

Ann came into the kitchen to throw something away as Zane was making his circuit through there. He walked — briskly! — around her, circling at the same pace until she laughed.

Z: Mommy. Laugh until your heart overflows.

Ann: Oh, that’s good.

Z, not missing a step: Yeah.

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