The lazy way to productivity

For the stressed and overworked, Jim Haug offers a counterintuitive solution. If you can’t take time off, show up but show up lazy:

There are days when I so don’t want to go to work. I then tell myself, “Oh, just go and be really lazy at work.”

Then through some perverse law of paradoxical intent, he finds himself being oddly productive.

Somehow I get a lot more done than when I think about how hard I am working.

The moment I read this my mind leapt to those days when I lazed around and then suddenly kicked into supernova gear. What would have taken hours, eons, flew by in minutes in my refreshed supermode.

There’s something freeing about discarding a method — hard work or nothing, dammit! — yet moving in the direction of the ultimate goal in a more playful mood.

Isn’t that the same thing essentially when we take a break and come back renewed?

Jim says it’s a reverse psychology that has proven effective for him. When he embraces laziness “there’s less ego involved and I am able to concentrate on the actual work.”


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