Leap and the express elevator to the mountaintop will appear

You’re probably craving a real-life story epitomizing the saying Leap and the net will appear, aren’t you?

Then it’s time to share the Travister experience.

Recently Travis and Hollister left a secure position of several years without knowing how they’d be making a living in six months’ time.

Some of you may be thinking, OK, no biggie, others have done this, yawn. Really, Evan, this better not be another Seinfeldian metaphysical plot about nothing in particular: He smiled. She smiled. We all smiled. Bliss bliss blissy bliss. The End.

They did it by stepping out of a secure burrow with a family of five. In these times. And embarking on an across-the-nation trip sure to siphon off savings. That’s stepping out on faith. 

I like their daring! It appears the great heart of all creation does too.

The universe likes speed, Joe Vitale says. 

Maybe it’s more like this:

The universe loves daring. 

The universe loves it some chutzpah. 

The universe thrills to your physically leaping to where your imagination plays. 

The universe loves love! 

(And daring is love embodied.)

Since leaving security behind, unforeseen wonderfulness has unfolded. Though other small things personally meaningful to them also opened up, here are a trio of highlights:

  • Unexpectedly Travis was offered a position at a non-profit that means a great deal to him. This organization is tightly interwoven with Travis’s ideals. And the new position allows him to work remotely. Za za!
  • A five-day, rent-free opportunity popped up for the California leg of their journey.
  • At a local market on the trip they ran into a favorite blogger. Serendipity again.
Sometimes you leap and the express elevator to your very own mountaintop appears . . . . 

We have been loving watching doors open when we’re not attached to how things open.

~ Travis Thomas

Chief Yes Officer, 30 Days of Yes 

Of course, this is only what can be glimpsed now as the elevator begins its ascent . . . . just wait, there’s more for them coming, the ride’s only begun.

You can read about Travis and Hollister on their Yes Tour here.
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