Let’s celebrate magnificent success too

Have you looked back lately to bask in how far you’ve come?

There’s an area in your life where you’ve traveled farther than you recognize.
I know because this recognition just happened to me.
While researching segments for a book project I came across an old blog post: 

This post was written at a time when it looked as though we were only months away from bankruptcy.

We never fell over that tripwire. We avoided bankruptcy. We slowly crawled back to life financially. Things got rosier. Daffodils grew in our path.
Getting that glimpse of seemingly Faraway Me, not too many years removed from Right Here Me, was refreshing.
In a moment I could see the arc from the low point to today’s high. 
I sat in hushed awe. 
Butterflies landed on my shoulder. Young girls danced. Gnomes got drunk and fell down.  
You too have something like that in your life. Something worth celebrating for the distance you’ve come.
Take just a moment. Cast your mind back to a lesser time and let yourself feel the sweep of your experience.
Let birds sing. Let rum cake be eaten. Take your bow.

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Evan Griffith
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