Let’s make mirth today

Let’s have fun today.

Let’s make mirth today.

Let’s ride frolic wherever we can find it.

Let’s make work play.

You know who has fun at work? You know who really digs what she does? A waitress I know named Toni. She is one boisterous coffee kettle early in the morning, you can almost skip your caffeine. It’s contagious, her heartiness. Somehow she’s perfected the maximum amount of good cheer you can impart to the barely awakened without crossing the line into annoying.

She has this way of making everyone feel enjoyed. You say something mildly amusing and she brays with laughter. My God, if you smile? She will overlight the room with her now double-wide grin.

So let’s be Toni today. In our jobs and in our duties, let’s serve not just with humility and grace and intelligence and such . . . let’s serve with riotous fun as our model for behavior. Let’s serve others with all of our capacities today — with abandon — let’s abandon ourselves to others today! — let’s earn those crow’s feet at the corners of our eyes today.

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