Life as illusion β€” Life as creation

I reject life as illusion

That construct doesn’t work for me, steeped as it is in the concept that all life is suffering (or disappointment or pain or anguish or angst or unreal or meaningless or insubstantial, take your pick, choose your own terms).

I accept life as creation

This works for me on many levels. Implied in this is that creating is going on at levels beyond my comprehension. Life as creation gives me a voice. I too get to play in the sandbox and mold as much as I wish, create as much as I dare.

(Of course a greater soul understands there is no duality; that both are true; that life is a substantial illusion for the enjoyment of creating.)

(Evan One understands this; Evan Two doesn’t care. Evan 1.5 is writing this . . . πŸ˜‰

It's not the posture, it's the silence
You know what is coming?