Life as misery, life as joy

Oh oh oh . . . (!) . . . 

Today Ann and I lunched with an artist couple we’ve known for over a decade. The wife is internationally renowned so I will disguise her here for her privacy. 

Just for fun we’ll call her HuzzaBuzza.

HuzzaBuzza is not from the U.S.  I know, I know, I’m giving clues that narrow down her identity by 300 million people or so  though she speaks fluently and intelligently with a slight accent, making it ever the more compelling.

Unknown to us HuzzaBuzza went through a serious bout of cancer. As she said, “Statistically I am not here.”

I shot back: “Because you have survived, you’ve now increased the statistical chances for everyone else!”

She enjoyed that.

Through medical help, yoga, her spiritual connection and an intense emphasis on organic juicing as her diet, HuzzaBuzza is here. 

Intriguingly, during this same period of time her work morphed from contemporary-classic elegance to full-on frolic.

I asked her what the correlation was and she said:

As everything became more difficult I became lighter and happier.

Have you ever seen Haitian art? From the most impoverished nation in the Western hemisphere we get the most vibrant, life-as-joy work

I’m convinced only the affluent and bored and disengaged are able to muster life-as-misery sentiment long enough to sustain it. Everyone else is too engaged in making their own little world — and ours  better. 

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