Life supports you, bastard or billionaire or beautiful soul

You are supported however you frame your life. If you gotta screw people to get ahead . . . then in your world it’s true, you gotta screw people to get ahead.

If you know that everything always works out well for you in the end, then even after misadventures things tend to fall into place for you.

You’ve seen this in your own life, which has already contained many lives in this lifetime. You’ve already lived one way, changed, and over time found yourself in a new world.

You’ve seen this in the lives of the people you know. It’s often more evident in the lives of others. You can see how completely what they are living is the result of who they are.

It’s true for you. Me as well. I see it in my own life all the time. The subtle thoughts that run through my head, seemingly in background mode . . . they become real. They play out in front of me.

Damn, how did that gorgeous woman become my life mate? Oh, yeah, I was looking for her . . . in many a stray thought.

Life supports you, whatever you believe. What are you deep down believing?

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