Little bits of awesomeness

When you throw a wad of extra cash down on the table for your favorite server — because you know it will add zip to her day.

When someone calls you up to tell you how much they appreciate something about you, something you did.

When you call someone up to toss an appreciation salad all over them.

When a challenge issue you’ve been working on with all your might and all your spirit force resolves itself in the most enchanting way — to the highest best super-est for all.

When you cast your glance around your home after a hard day and think to yourself, I am so freaking fortunate . . . and audibly whisper thank you.

When one of your top 100 favorite people in the world pops in unexpectedly with sudden great news about something in their life.

When you make new friends . . . as Ann and I have recently with another couple in our new neighborhood.

When your wife is about to throw your son in the pool and you add that little extra push so they both go in!

Some other enjoyable stuff, not so much related to this post except that they came from the same brain, and they deserve to get some links too

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