Living up to your dream requires so little

This artist and sculptor can’t stop.
He’s in the pull zone now.

Living up to your dream requires so little at first. Just carving some space out of your day — every day — and taking tiny steps in that direction.

Later your dream will require more. But by then you have momentum on your side.

Then there’s that beautiful point — the inflection point — when your dream pulls you. 

Years ago when we hit our first financial crisis with the art gallery, I stopped exercising. You know, a few days off turned into two years of overwork and under activity. 

Overload turns to overlard, quickly! It was only seeing a photo of me with a hefty friend that snapped me out of it. I could see a few more years on that trajectory and we’d be wearing matching Speedos.

First I started a walking regimen. Then, over time, I added biking and swimming and yoga and kid play and whatnot.

Now you can’t stop me from something physical every day. I am pulled to it. My body gets antsy . . . like a dog nudging you to take it for a stroll . . . and I’m propelled up and out into some form of movement.

This is what I wish for you with your dream. Many of you already have this. That itch to create. That fever to get at your creative work every day.

For those of you who don’t, just start. Carve out a reasonable creative practice time every day. Thirty minutes? One hour? Whatever you can commit to.

At some point it all will flip. It will pull you. It will pull you hard to where you’re going.

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Evan Griffith
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