Living the vibrational matrix: How to reassemble reality

In the sci fi film The Matrix the hero Neo is resurrected by a kiss. He’d been hole punched by bullets. Once love brought him back from death he could see behind the surface of reality

He could now see the programming language running the world . . . walls, windows, doors, floors, people . . . the algorithms streaming every object were laid bare to him. With this new sight/insight, he could manipulate reality.  

He could slow bullets down to a pause. And then pluck them slowly, lightly, from the air in front of him.

Our very own vibrational matrix seems to be activated by the same power.

Love. Pure pure love.

Who makes it in this world?

Those who love what they do so fully they become an embodiment of it.

Who has the most satisfying life?

He/she who loves the most.

What force transforms an agonizing situation into something transcendent?

You’re right . . . (pure) love.

What grows you?

An insight so perfect you know it’s true by the way you love it.

It’s this love thing that reassembles reality before your very eyes.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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