Management by hypnosis

The other day our Operations Manager walked into the office and said (with emphasis), “We have the nicest clients.”

He’s not an emphatic guy; he and Ann had just come back from an installation, and he’d palpably been touched by the interaction.

I relayed this to Ann later. She said:

Yeah, I say that all the time. I learned from the best: Management by Hypnosis.

(It’s my term for saying something over and over in as many variations as possible until it sticks  both in and out of business.)

And we do say it all the time: We have the best clients!

We marvel at our good fortune, to have such an exceptional client base.

Ann consciously began this practice as she stepped back into full time work at the gallery, two years ago. Just prior, there’d been a series of depressingly difficult clients . . . and Ann was determined to turn that around. 

She chose the management by hypnosis method. 

The best thing about this method is that you hypnotize yourself too. It sinks deep. It sinks so deep you can find your way by echo location, as you hear it reflected back to you . . . by your Operations Manager, among others.

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