The marvel of glass

How much of our current world is enchantment that we no longer appreciate?

The other day I was struck by the marvel of glass. We are encased by glassworks in every facet of our lives, in our homes, vehicles, businesses, cups, spectacles, computer and TV screens, artwork . . . the splendor of glass is ubiquitous.

What is this material that allows us to see through it, yet not move through it? Because of the marvel of glass we are protected (from the elements, from others) though still in connection with what’s out there.

There are so many sub-species of glass we forget its power. There is the transparent, the opaque, the scratchy fuzzy warped wobbled darkened chipped etched blasted beveled leveled disheveled (oops, sorry, thinking of a friend  there . . . ) — so many forms of glass!

You can imagine early man and woman yearning for glass. They’d peered through frozen water for eons, those in the colder reaches. So it wasn’t hard to imagine, it was there in a form in the natural world.

One of the marvels of glass is that it doesn’t come from a watery substance — it is fashioned from sand. Pour sand — or pure silica — into the palm of your hand and never in ten thousand years before glass emerged into the world would you have dared say, yes, some day we’ll see through this.

How much of your current world is enchantment that you no longer appreciate?


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