Me, interviewed

See this good-looking if unhinged dude?
That’s not me . . .
It’s Travis Thomas of the Weekly YAP

Check out this podcast interview on themes and stories found in Burn, Baby, Burn: Spark The Creative Spirit Within. (The bookito is available here on Amazon). 

Speaker and workshop merrymaker Travis Thomas interviews me at length. Deftly I might add. Because he knows me well, this is possibly the best interview that will ever be done on the creative and spiritual themes laced throughout Burn Baby Burn.

Go to minute 8:00 if you’re keen to get straight into our talk. (Though Travis’s preamble on other matters has plenty to interest you in its own right.)

Now, off with you. Enjoy this charged and informative conversation. It was raucous fun to record. Here’s the link again.

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