Messages from elsewhere (told to me by the log man)

Today a man delivering logs to our home told me about a recurring series of intensely personal though non-ordinary communications.

Imagine a convergence between Mark Harmon when he smiles and Kevin Costner at his down-home sports-type affable best, and you’ve nailed the log man.

He prefaced what he was about to relate by saying, 

Listen, I’m not the spiritual type, but here’s what happened to me . . . .

A few years back a best friend died after a bout with cancer. About four days after the friend’s death he began receiving a series of messages from him. These messages would burst into his thoughts as though being beamed from elsewhere.

In the beginning the information imparted followed this theme:

I’m OK, it’s good where I am, there’s a path for me but I don’t know what it is yet.

The log man said these thought messages were radically different than those from his ordinary mind. 

Each time it was more than a feeling, it was a tangible presence . . . and the messages were transmitted through understanding, not words. He didn’t hear them. The messages came directly into his mind, unspoken, though he understood clearly and immediately.

When I asked if he still receives the messages the log man grinned. 

At one point he kind of said it was time for him to move into the next thing . . . but that he would always be there for me. 

So now it’s mostly me talking to him. I still talk to him every day. I feel him but I don’t tend to get messages back anymore. I’m cool with that. I don’t need to get ’em anymore, just knowing he’s there is the main thing.

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