Michael Idlis — you rock the casbah of the cosmic rodeo

You know how young children will grab hands and prance around in a circle? They twirl around in some kind of playful whirl till they almost fall down  or do fall down  or spin off from each other in dizzyness.

Keep that picture in your mind; we’ll retrieve it in just a bit.

A few days earlier I had posted a piece that included this line:

Now we are experiencing what can only be described as a surging comeback.

On Sunday I arrived late to my own son’s birthday party. (Explanation will not follow; it would be complex but dull.) There I was coming in, hugging hellos at everyone, looking for Ann to see how I could help.

Michael Idlis, whom I hadn’t seen since the summer before  nearly three-quarters of a year  grabbed me and said he had something urgent he needed to talk to me about outside. I tried to put him off till later so I could jump in and assist my wife . . . but he was insistent.

With other people still pulling at me  to welcome me in essence to my own home  I followed Michael outside.

Now . . . retrieve that image of the kids twirling in a circle that you’ve been holding so dutifully in your mind.

Michael grabbed my hands and spun me around in the grass out front  just like that! We were the kids going faster and faster.

Not only was Michael pulling me around and around, he was a-jumping and a-hopping while doing so. Me too, though because of an injury to my leg a week earlier  I looked like a one-legged bullfrog.

Through all this he was yelling:

Dude! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! A surging comeback! Dude! You rock! You deserve it! Dude! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

What can I say? We didn’t quite fall down though I needed to.

I write this as the supreme example of how to celebrate a good development in someone’s life. Michael has given you the blueprint.

The dude knows how to celebrate a success.

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