Micro-envisioning: Being your own guide into the next few minutes or hours of your life

I’m writing this for those of you who may have a difficult time visualizing, especially longer term. 

For several years when we were in deep crisis mode I could not surmount the gravitational field of my own experience. I was frequently unable to envision grandly and boldly a future time radically different from what I was experiencing.

Fortunately what I did find was this: No matter how narrow your life gets you can always micro-envision. 

You can always jump forward some small bit of time in your mind and feel your way into a preferred outcome.

You can see that bill being paid . . . somehow. 

You can feel a negotiation working out well.

You can imagine an interview going jauntily. 

You can capture in your mind the way the ‘yes’ you need from the next conversation will feel when it happens.

I’m a fond practitioner of micro-envisioning  living out a desired result only slightly in advance. It’s easy to take a slow moment and unfold the ideal flow for your next few minutes or even your next few days. 

Do that enough times, step by step by step . . . and soon you’ll find yourself running, even gliding.

When things are flowing, ideas are gelling, it’s easy to envision expansive vistas for one’s self. 

For example:
Now that things are going well for us big visions come easily. In my mind I’m putting outposts on Mars, I’m speaking to millions through my words, adventures in consciousness are being had all over the globe.
But before that I was keen on micro-visualization . . . because it worked for me . . . taking a few short relaxed moments to envision a happy result for my next few minutes or hours.

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We are all brave souls
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