The mind, the body, freaky results

I was at a meeting last year when a woman described her mother-in-law, long afflicted with severe arthritis, aging backward as she slipped further and further into senility.

As her mother-in-law lost years and then decades of memory, something unexpected happened. Her arthritis vanished. When she had regressed to her thirties — she was living mentally as if from that period in her life, unable to recall anything from after that time — the arthritis left along with her memories of her later years. The knobs on her finger joints went away! She could grip items with ease. She’d lost the latter part of her life yet had regained dexterity.

What is that all about? And can we tap into it in a healthy way?

We don’t know the mechanics in a scientifically meaningful way yet — or else we’d all be running off to the hypno-belief-o-therapist and changing our lives this instant! — but this woman’s experience reminds us of our mental-physical powers.

It is one more indicator that the mind wields a far more certain influence than we even credit today.

Dr. Candace Pert calls it the body-mind, since mind and body are so inextricable as to seem one. Use yours wisely!

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