Mind whispering: What creators do when feeling daunted

Self suggestion works . . . if implanted softly.

Let’s say you are set to engage in a new project that has a forbidding element to it. Or you’re entering a difficult phase of something in progress. Either way, the blockage is mounting. You’re becoming intractable with yourself about it.

It’s hard, after all.

Try this — try softening your mental take on it. This has worked for me, when I remember the back door is often easier than forcing my way through the front door.

When I forget, a whole lot of unnecessary hurt goes on.

So we’re clear, here’s the quick metaphor dictionary:

Back door = suggestive mind 

Front door = my (now) obstinate everyday mind

Some would say to force yourself into it. For me, I’ve found that mind whispering works.

Here’s your first whisper:

It’s only perception. 

It could be otherwise. It’s not for sure as hard as you think it is. 

It could be easier than you think.

Here’s your second whisper:

Relax yourself. 

Relax yourself like an over-steeped tea bag.

If you meditate, go there. If you pray, go there. If you nap, excellent. If you’re narcoleptic, now’s the time.

Anything that will liquify your mental tension other than drink or drugs works.

A bath will do.

Yes, you sexually charged ones, that will do too.

Simply sitting in a comfy chair — upright — and breathing down slowly and voluminously from 7 to 1 will do.

You know you’re ready when your body has melted a bit. When your muscles are draped on your bones, not clinging tightly like a baby rhesus monkey on its mamma’s back.

Mind whispering:

Tell yourself —

OK me, I am implanting a suggestion about how I’d like this thing to go. Yes, yes, I was thinking it the hard way but I’m over that and I want you to be too.

Tell yourself —

I like easy breezy. 

I like enjoyable. 

I like feeling the life force flow through me as I tackle things. 

I like when it all comes together. 

I like that this thing is going to be just like that. 

In fact I request here and now that at the right time I am moved right into it — and that one step leads to another leads to another leads to exactly what it takes to make it happen in the most surprising ways. 

I like knowing this suggestion is taking root and that the extraordinariness of the creation process is bringing it all about right now.  

In fact, I’m looking forward to this, to see how it turns out now.

And there you go. You can stay there awhile as long as it feels good, but you’re done. Let it go.

This is where mind whispering is most enjoyable — because you know it does its work long after you’ve set the suggestion in motion.

If you’re feeling good you can also toss in a little visualization about the ease with which you ease into your project.

You will feel a keen appreciation surfacing, for what is to come.

Relish that. That’s the mind whispering taking effect.

Let that appreciation wave loose into your day — it is your creator spirit ascending.

(Repeat as much as needed.)

Now — go enjoy your thing.

Part of the What creators do series.

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