Minx! Alive in the Mystery

Can I tell you something Minx Boren said near the end of an interview a few months back?

I was trying to pin her down on her beliefs but she brushed it off. She’s a fervent believer in prayer  what she calls surrender prayer  and in outcomes moving toward you as you move toward them, yet she gloriously refuses to try to contain her beliefs in a definition.

She even noted that she’d done past-life regressions that had helped her with certain issues. They’d felt profoundly real. But were they true past lives? Were they imagined lives? Were they essences of lives lived or was it mind mythology that was meaningful to her, and hence effective? 

She didn’t care. And she didn’t want to push too far into the realm of defining what was real and what was not.

For Minx, to define overly much is to diminish the raw experience of life. 

I embrace the Mystery.

~ Minx Boren

She embraces the ambiguity, knowing there is always more than we know or suspect, so why get hung up on it. It  can only detract from the magnificence.

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