More or less?

At some point in our maturity we come to this fork: 

More? Or less? 

The question is more essential than we think. We are asking, which path begets a richer experience?

It is a defining change in one’s life, the first time one realizes that it’s not the moreness of stuff that brings the riches we want . . . in relationships, in experience, in wisdom, in health, in sanity.

Upon leaving our childhood home and striking out into the world, the quest is always for more. We have so little. It makes sense. There is much from the modern world to accumulate to bring fullness to our lives.

Then . . . 

There is that day we first realize we’ve gone too far. We call it spring cleaning. Or re-organizing. Or decluttering.

Some do this cycle perpetually. Add more, then lessify. Add more, then lessify.

Others — at some point — decide to go lean. It’s a philosophy of less in exchange for more. And it’s been embarked upon. 

It is trading care and maintenance and storage of many things for more of the intangible wealth this world offers: friendship, serenity, contribution, easeful joy.

Then the question for each potential acquisition becomes: Does this bring more (spiritual) richness into my life . . . or less?

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Shavasana is coming
Every time you rethink your space, you are rethinking your life