My ABCs: Always be creating

A few months ago I took on a new power mantra: Always be creating.

I use mantra loosely here, in the sense of a phrase that becomes a personal motto through repetition, even a mission. I don’t mean it in its tight definition: a sound or phrase focused upon in meditation.

Though if the personal motto becomes pervasive . . . mind-uttered frequently through one’s days and weeks . . . the effect is similar.

Sue-Bee-Doo, a friend of ours, once commented that if you create things you never need to worry about money. She’s an artist and she was speaking about having control over her life.

Her point: the artist who creates rather than dithers will always find a way to income. It may or may not be grand, it will fluctuate, but it will always be sufficient.

She was saying that creators control their destiny.

Creators aren’t only artists. Or entrepreneurs. If you hold, as I do, as millions do, that our thoughts create, then we are all creators — and this is the way I am addressing it here.

Always be creating is far away from Always be working or even Always be doing.

This afternoon Zane, our eight-year old, was at play in the mud beside the pool with his cousin Lily, also eight. I was there on the other side of the dinky mudhole they were fashioning, and as is my way, I enjoyed being there but not being intrusive at the same time. I would be required from time to time, but otherwise what a revelation to be privy to their interactions as they forgot about me.

At one point I considered doing something else — possibly jotting notes to write you here! — but I considered what I wanted to create at that moment, and that was an immersion experience with these two.

They had their own jazz going and you could only grok it by being utterly attentive.

Always be creating is an imperative. It requires engagement, though not necessarily action.

It implies that you should always be conscious (ABC again!), choosing the experience to create. The experience you desire will dictate all else.

I now ask myself often: What am I creating?

Am I creating a worthy experience?

To ask “What am I creating?” or “What do I want to create right now?” is clarifying!

It keeps purpose and experience pure, aligned. It doesn’t mean I have control of the universe. But it does mean that given the existing environment — the existing dynamic — I can decide this: how do I wish to participate?

Even in constricted circumstances — we’ll use my recent life as an example in mere seconds — you have the ability to craft how you experience it.

We have a business in shock and turmoil, ever since the market meltdown two and a half years ago.

By considering this concept — that I am creating my experience in every moment — I free myself from reacting only. I can’t tell you how sweet this is when you face financial destruction. Or any bad thing of a seeming magnitude greater than you are.

There have been numerous times when all soul energy went dim . . . and I would find myself enervated or scared or crushed. Yet, if you choose to experience it as adventure, one that may or may not turn out well, you are freed!

Not from the turmoil, but from despair. And that freedom brings possibilities which may lead to actions which just might oh mighty might bring something new to fruition . . .

Creating is contributing.

Contribution is service.

Service is God expressed.

Serving is the way to true wealth and all that is good.

Wayne Dyer asks: How may I serve?

To him, the Law of Attraction works thusly. When you consistently ask “How may I serve?” then the Universe reflects this back to you, asking of Itself: “How may I serve you?” And goodnesses are heaped upon you.

Creators create.

Creators nourish the new.

Creators bring forth.

Creators are too busy to be concerned with the inconsequential.

Creators create!

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