My ChatGPT post on creativity and spirituality

It took a couple tries. I had to prompt it to write more like the posts on this site. Even then, hmmmm…

Here’s what AI thinks I think on the subject of creativity and spirituality in 250 words:

Creativity and spirituality are two fundamental aspects of the human experience that have been explored by artists, writers, and philosophers throughout history. The connection between the two is powerful and has the potential to enhance and enrich our lives in profound ways.

At the heart of creativity lies the ability to see beyond the surface and to tap into something deeper within ourselves. This requires a willingness to take risks, to experiment, and to embrace the unknown. Similarly, spirituality involves a sense of transcendence and a connection to something greater than ourselves, whether through prayer, meditation, or a deep appreciation of nature.

When these two forces come together, they can create something truly magical. For many artists and writers, the act of creation itself is a spiritual experience, one that involves a sense of being in the flow and being guided by something greater than themselves. This connection to the divine can infuse their work with a sense of transcendence that touches the hearts and souls of their audiences.

Moreover, art has the power to connect us to something greater than ourselves, to evoke emotions and inspire contemplation. Whether through music, painting, or literature, art has the ability to tap into the deepest parts of our being and connect us to the world around us in ways that go beyond words.

In conclusion, the intersection of creativity and spirituality is a powerful and profound one that has the potential to enrich our lives and our understanding of the world. By tapping into these two fundamental aspects of the human experience, we can create works of art that touch the hearts and souls of others and connect us to something greater than ourselves.

. . . . . . . .

Maybe maybe maybe with prompting Chatty might might might sound a wee bit more like me. I asked it twice nicely to write in the style of on the themes above. I see snippets and concepts explored within the pages of this site for sure, even some lines that feel lifted verbatim, or very close to my original phrasing. ChatGPT did an excellent job of picking up on some of the concepts explored on this site.

But overall ChatGPT lacks that certain je nais se moi . . . I’ll stick to me for these blog posts for the time being, thank you, because it still doesn’t sound quite like me.

ChatGPT is like tapping a highly creative librarian with instant universal access to the human archive. It has its uses. We’re finding it incredibly effective for some marketing modes at the gallery. It can spiff up your text and add context, but you must be concise and clear in your objectives. Improving a marketing headline is different than writing a bookito with verve and spice.

The downside is ChatGPT writes like a standard-issue doctoral thesis candidate. It’s a smarty pants for sure. But do you really want your text to sound like a college professor, no matter how well informed? For some uses, yes. Just not for areas where personal expression is paramount. Not yet.

I suspect future versions of AI will be tailored to each of us, so that our personal AI can mimic us, and even anticipate our responses more in depth. At its present stage AI lacks viewpoint and personality. Which you can elicit somewhat if you keep prodding it further.

For creative work, the best ChatGPT and the best AI need a well-grounded human to tease out the least generic responses. I say well-grounded because the most effective creators using AI assists will be those rooted powerfully within their own worldview. And hopefully non-destructive ones at that.

You can imagine this easily, AI-spawned creations from Donald Trump and Oprah will feel worlds apart. Maybe even multiverses apart.

Instead of caveat emptor — buyer beware — this AI realm comes with the following warning: caveat creator — creator beware. (I’m mixing Latin and current-era English, yes, why not? I’m not an AI bot of myself yet.)

On the consumer side? More than ever we’ll all want to be keenly aware of who’s really behind the content we’re imbibing.


Chaos and creativity (Matthew Fox)