My day off is my pretend-future day (12:12, 12.12.12)

We’re in a seasonally driven business, one that goes supernova for months at a time, only to go black hole for the remaining part of the year.

This season as the business hops into overdrive, I take one day off a week. Right now it’s Wednesdays.

What do I love to do on a day off? Live a pretend-future day. 

It’s a day of frolic and work, yet it’s the kind of work I can easily imagine filling my days meaningfully in the future. 

It involves writing and creating. Interviews. Breakfast and lunch meetings. Some kind of exercise. Sometimes a sizzling, slo-mo date with my woman. A nap. (!) More writing. More creating. Phone calls and emails. All around how freakishly beautiful this world is. 

Oh, and the cake and the icing too  play time with our son when he glides home from school.

Yep there’s homework and housework too. Errands. It’s all in there, it’s a full day.

Here’s what’s going to happen in the future. I’ll be reporting back to you my about my average day . . . and it will look like the above paragraphs. It will look like my Wednesdays.

Just so you know.

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