My fantasy day versus my real day

My fantasy day runs like this:

  • Wake up before Ann and Zane
  • Meditate/envision my day
  • Ease into it, the day
  • I’m oh so writerly, spewing hot jets of originality from the fountain of my imagination
  • I nibble an economically healthy breakfast
  • I answer emails from fans and questioners
  • I slip into the pool
  • I lunch
  • I nap
  • I arise and stretch and fling words that came to me in my napping reverie onto the page
  • I interview
  • Homework and playtime with Zane
  • We commingle in the kitchen, creating an environmentally healthy meal
  • We clean up, we banter
  • We read luxuriously, we three, all flopped together in our big bed
  • I meditate as Ann and Zane doze off
  • Finito

Now take a (real) day of mine:

  • Ran to breakfast with a friend
  • Date with my wife if you know what I mean
  • Zipped off to work
  • In the middle of the workday had to run the van to the mechanic to get some maintenance done
  • Then dropped off artwork to an artist
  • Straight from there drove to help some very dear friends move
     I’ve got a big cavernous van after all and we love to help
  • Drove home with diapers for our friends’ baby, who Ann was babysitting
  • Take out trash, recycling in the pitch dark
     long driveway in a semi-rural unlit area
  • Scarfed a meal
  • Fun with Zane in the general direction of bedtime, who’s full of hugs and I love you Daddy, I love you Mommy spurts in the midst of his other talk to prolong the day
  • Wrote wrote wrote!
  • Meditation/appreciation on all the cool conversations and zippiness of the day

The fantasy day is mighty fine. It’s coming. But, man, I’ll take that real day any day
 real life is my fantasy. 

Yes you do . . .
Relax into your magnificence today