My favorite word from Disney (and what it means for your life)

We’re all bushwhacking our way through life. Countless others may have trod similar paths . . . but it is only you alone who are now doing it for the very first time. You’re a pioneer, you daring one!

Ease your child into big water for the first time and let go for just an instant. All the strokes you’ve swum  all the strokes humanity has swum  are meaningless to that kid. 

Disney has a term for its creative class: Imagineers.

They imagine and engineer creations.

This term is apt for us life pioneers too. We are simultaneously imagining and pioneering and engineering our way through a thicket whose surprises we can never quite anticipate fully.

We are imagineering our way forward. One revelation at a time.

Isn’t that a helpful frame when you’re in a quandary?

How can I imagineer my way through this crap — this debt — this loss — this setback — this low, low moment?

It’s playful, yet demands specifics. (Engineering!)

It’s engaging our fertile minds, while asking us to push on.

Imagineering asks us to imagine.

(Imagine what? Possibilities that thrill us.)

Imagineering asks us to ask questions. 

And we all know good questions draw real answers.

Who knew your pioneering life could gain much from Disney?

For you —

Evan Griffith
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