My foray into science has become a part of my spiritual journey

Have you ever made a discovery that is mind bending and yet . . . makes perfectly instant sense? Corina Pelloni just reported back from such revelations, and the elation is palpable.

Here is Corina speaking about her experience with a Brian Greene book:

“The Elegant Universe”. . . I found totally engrossing. It was a fascinating, laugh out loud in astonishment kind of book. And one that I will re-read and highly recommend. 

I have absolute conviction that energy healing is valid, that prayer is a real and effective phenomenon, and non-sensory perception is an obvious occurrence experienced on some level by the majority, not a minority of spiritually elite or psychologically compromised. The new developments in theoretical physics/unified field theory/M theory provide some lucid clues and potentially an explanation of why prayer works and how Reiki works and how some people have at times access to a world of information to which they have had no sensory exposure.

And then this on another book:

The book was an ensemble of accounts by a greatly varied selection of individuals assembled by physicist Ervin Laszlo and titled “The Akashic Experience.” The common thread of experience was that these articulate, professional people — many with outstanding credentials — all had experiences that could not be explained by our conventional assumption that sensory input is the sole source of information from our environment. Ervin Laslo proposes a scientifically plausible explanation that all past-present-future-events are recorded in an unimaginably complex quantum hologram resulting from fluctuations/interference patterns occurring at every moment at every instance of action/interaction. What a fantastic idea!

Not too many years ago I went through a similar horizon shattering experience. What I thought was the horizon, wasn’t. What I imagined to be the limits of my world, weren’t.

This bursting open of one’s mindscape is what Corina so adeptly conveys here.
There can be no more fitting an end to this post than these two quotes:

My foray into science has become a part of my spiritual journey.

                                  ~ Corina Pelloni 

I can’t wait to read, read, read!

                                  ~ Corina Pelloni 

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