My latest favorite meditation

My latest favorite meditation isn’t meditation at all by some strict definitions. It is this: loving contemplation.

At the end of the day when nothing is stirring, not even a Bodhi dog chasing after shadows, I sit meditation-style on my bed and let my thoughts free. Only when you set your thoughts loose do you realize how yoked your mind has been — necessarily — to the tasks at hand in the previous hours.

The day is one engagement upon another. When your thoughts are unbound you can savor the day, the life. You sift your experience, and no matter what comes up you lovingly, affectionately embrace it — as if from the highest Source.

And you innately know how your highest Source would view your experiences. It would do so with unsurpassed tenderness.

Through loving contemplation even pain, even anxiety, are transformed. Even distress is transformed.

And for all those enjoyable moments of which life is mostly comprised? Double the fun. First the experience itself, then the contemplation of it from your highest perch.

Affectionate attention begets miracles.

Perhaps the profoundest miracle is acceptance, of the actions of others, and most especially of your own maneuverings through the world.


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