My mind is my friend (so is my ego)

In large swaths of the new spirituality the ego and even thought itself has replaced the Devil  or karma  or sin. You can read reams of contemporary spirit literature and find the only thing spoken ill of is the ego mind.

I don’t see it that way. From my perspective my mind is my friend. The thoughts I think, even the habituated ones that drag me down, served me once. Somewhere on my journey certain thoughts served me well.

Am I to condemn the child now that I am an adult?

With awareness, constricted tendencies can be dissipated, disappeared.

By employing the same tenderness that I would expect a teacher to have for my child at his stage of development, I can relinquish those thoughts that serve me poorly now.

Every spiritual teacher I’ve experienced by text or by video appears to have a strong ego, a powerful sense of self; the difference is that the ego has expanded beyond its perch in the personal self only, and now encompasses humanity.

When I see startling growth in a friend I have not witnessed a banishment of the ego. To the contrary, I have been privy to an expansion! . . . . Of her mind, of her sphere of thought, of her sense of identity.

Unconsciously we use the word growth! Her soul self has grown!

What we seek is not eradication, but enlargement.

(Be a lover not a fighter.)



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