My new definition of creativity

Traveling around America for the past two months I’ve met art lovers, gallery personnel and artists of such breadth and variety as to make you think the art world is its own special ecosystem.

The clients are appreciators of creativity in all its guises. Be it architecture, culinary cleverness, business acumen or the arts, they are keen on the human creative impulse.

Artists speak for themselves creatively. And the people who people the art galleries have a jones for creative culture that is much heightened from what you might find in the populace at large.

After dozens of conversations centered around things creative I’ve simplified my definition of creativity to this:

Creativity is trying things.

In fact, creativity is trying things as part of your process for living.

It’s as true for the artist as it is for the businessperson. As true for parenting as it is for relationships.

How do you know if you’re not living creatively? If you’ve stopped trying things. If you’ve ceased exploration.

The beauty inherent in this simple construct is that all you have to do to become more creatively engaged in any area of your life is to try something new. It could be tweakage or it could be wreckage of the status quo. But it’s simple. Trying something that inspires you a little or a lot will inevitably lead to other ideas burbling up. 

When you try things you’ve started the flow. You’ve put potential energy into motion and that draws more energy. It’s like cleaning out your sock drawer. Soon the whole dresser is reorganized. Watch out closet!

It’s the same with finding ways to make money. Start anywhere, no matter how small. It could be taking a part time job. Prime that pump and the flow starts. Ideas and opportunities will trickle forth. 

The more you try the more things work. 

I’m not one for laying down laws of life for you — but, hey, it’s The Law. It’s just the way it is. Try something and more somethings to try will find their way to you.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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