My polyglot spiritual roots

What I’ve gained from various sources: 

Art — Creation is the thing

Christianity — Love, baby, love

Buddhism — Meditation and attentiveness

Hinduism — Wide-open inclusivity. We are all one. Thou art that! 

Sufism — Soul drunk steeping in the divine Beloved

Science — Healthy skepticism. Prove it to yourself 

Positive Psychology — Emulating what works, works 
(in fact, it works wonders)

Human Potential — Incremental changes over time makes for a much better Evan

New Age — All that has come before is worthy of being reinterpreted and reimagined and recombined

New Thought — Think it, feel it, become it

Oprah — Full throttle enthusiasm for the genius of others just might lead to billionaire-hood

For you 

Evan Griffith
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