My temple

My temple is in the silence of my mind.

It is easy to access, requires no construction funds, is not gaudy or boastful or vainglorious.

A simple place of worship — such as this — means there’s no commuting time. It means I can enter at all times. Without dues or social niceties, I can go there naked, stripped of pretension, and feel my way into the SpiritFlow. Standing there, stripped of pretense, Love sees my imperfections and Loves them to wholeness.

In this temple I am startled to discover better ways, with my child, my lover-wife, my friends, my way in the world, my way at work. 

I am surprised how easy it feels there, to evoke change. 

In this hollowspace a man could go in a menace and come out cleansed.

Floating: In it and above it
I am a witness to greatness