Mystic in the wild

There is nothing more difficult than to be a mystic out of the monastery.

~ Caroline Myss

You know what’s needed now. Mystics for the now times.

People aren’t looking for Jesus or Buddha. Not the way they were then.

They’re looking for Jesus in family life. 

They’re looking for Buddha in the work-a-day world. 

Lao Tzu gone all surfer on us. 

(Or golfer or tennis player or kayaker or yogi/yogini or runner or ping ponger or tiddly winker.) 

An abstainer from everything, including work and family life, can only teach us so much. 

We’re looking for people who walk their talk in the same worlds we inhabit. 

We’re looking for mystics who live in the wilds with us. 

We’re looking for people who spirit walk in this modern world. 

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