Nano celebration: The what and the why

Today we’re talking celebration. The short, sharp, snap of attention kind. The kind that’s over in a minute. Possibly even mere seconds.

Here’s how nano celebration works:

1) Think of some silly little thing that deserves its seconds of recognition.

Like syrup. Or your jerky office mate not be so jerky this morning.

2) Then just celebrate it damnit

Throw some body movement into it. Shout it (if you can, if you dare). Take a micro-moment and celebrate this thing . . . 

And then move on. 

You’ve got things to do. 

You’re a busy-type person. 

You’ve got life to live. 

You’ve got goals, man. 

You’ve got coffee to quaff, tasks to tick off.

But . . . remember this: There are bonus points. 

Yes there are. The more you nano celebrate in your day, the more you get.

Those imaginary bonus points earn you something real. 


How many things can you do in your regular day that spark a nano high? 

Well, probably quite a few actually. But now you’ve got one more in your arsenal.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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