Natural visualization

You often hear that you should visualize some big bold future for yourself.

When I was struggling to survive financially I found it impossible to visualize in the grand manner that is often suggested.  If you’re like me and you find this impossible when you’re stuck in the mire of survival, I suggest this:

Visualize incrementally. 

I’ll give you an example. When I was driving around America for a year and a half trying to save our business I couldn’t imagine squat. I was so stuck in survival mode that even when I meditated and prayed the highest I could raise my periscope was to wish for the next week’s bills to be paid. 

THAT seemed impossible and grand at the time. 

Yet after connection time I could feel  somehow  that it might could possibly maybe be so. 

I could cast myself forward those few days and feel the relief of every due bill paid off somehow, some magical how.

That is the way I tunneled through the most crushing financial avalanche of our lives, envisioning day by day, week by week.

Until I could begin to envision month by month.

Until I could begin to envision season by season. 

Until now and I’m driving cross-country in my campervan with my family joy unit, I’m chatting up Oprah and Michael Bernard Beckwith and other spiritual superheroes casually in my daydreams, I’m connecting with creators of every stripe across this incredible land of ours in my offhand dreams. 

Now that things are getting better and better my horizon is naturally expanding. 

Natural visualizations eased the way for me. Everything else felt forced and on the magnitude of fantasy. 

Ironically, what I feel is now possible would boggle my survival mind  though it was my survival mind that got me here by connecting with my Spirit Source daily, sometimes hourly, in some cases minutely, by believing there was a way through.

It’s not necessary to force yourself beyond the see-able horizon if it feels unnatural. 

Horizon to horizon will get you to where you want to go.

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