Neurobiology tells us there is no ‘I’

Neurobiology tells us there is no ‘I’ at the center of our brain.

Buddhism informs us that there is no self.

Sub-molecular physics tells us there is virtually no matter underlying matter . . . that it is vast empty space with infinitesimally small energy whorls blipping in and out of existence.

(Sports tells us that there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ . . . but I digress, the illusory I digresses.)

Isn’t it mind bending? 

It’s a kind of existential vertigo. 

From nothing, something

From emptiness, fullness

From immaterial, material

From unseen, seen

From void, all

From thought, this

From You, me

Everyday goodness is breaking out —
Sometimes you meet the best people when someone runs into your van, drunk