Next time, pretend honk

The other day I was sitting in the front passenger seat as Ann drove. At a stoplight we were stuck behind a vehicle that didn’t move after the light turned green — when Ann did something unconscious and remarkable. She pretend honked, twice!

It looked like this, her hand “honked” — twice — but each time her palm stopped within an inch of the horn. It was a sweet gesture.

Then something more remarkable happened. Immediately upon her double-pretend honk, the car in front zipped forward, as if the driver had suddenly been alerted.

I believe on some level Ann’s gracious intention to alert him but not alarm him was received . . . .

We know from experience (receiving a call after thinking of someone) and from scientific studies and from stories that others have told us that our minds project and receive impressions from one another . . . so the next time you find yourself impatient for someone to move, why not give it a go? Pretend honk. You may be softly surprised — and leave the world a little less harried. 

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