No List Sundays

I relish lists. I get giddy striding through my day leaving the corpses of crossed-out tasks bleeding on the page.

I’m a fan of tracking my 5 Daily Practices. 

(Body, Vision, Spirit, Connection, Creative)

I love my planner. Or did. Now I’ve moved in fits and starts to digital organization. With a cheat sheet for my topmost priorities.

Never more than three though:

“If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.”

~ Jim Collins

In the past couple of months I’ve experimented with something new: No List Sundays.

You could call it Listless Sundays but that’s not quite the connotation I’m reaching for. Though after a particularly grueling week, listlessness can be a resurrection strategy.

The No List Sunday idea is to have one day of the week free from all self-imposed obligations.

In order to achieve No List Sunday I tend to max out Saturday

Oh Saturday! I cram it all into you. The cleaning, the projects, the errands, the laundry, the overflow from the week that’s begging for finality . . .

Which makes No List Sundays relaxing in an almost surreal way. They’ve been rejuvenating. Beyond what I could have imagined. 

On a No List Sunday I don’t even glance at my planner . . . I don’t jot a few things down to weave into the spaces of the day. 

The intention is to connect. With my forever lover woman wife. With our joy boy. With my possibility partners breakfast trio. With friends, family, countrymen . . . 

Most importantly to connect with what I can only call my soul source . . . 

I connect daily in a soul fulfilling way. In meditation. In prayerful thought. In appreciation. In declarations. In service.

But you know this . . . steeping in open time without an agenda draws to the surface what is hidden. Unfocused time wells up what is important. It also opens a deep spring of merriment. 

I always come away from open time feeling merrier. I come away feeling groovy.

The problem is, I’m not sure I can sustain it. Sundays are such a good catch up day!

I’m writing this post with two intentions.

The first is to share it with you, in case you’ve found yourself on a 7-day treadmill with no exit points. You too might enjoy Connection Sundays (an alt title, in case you’re looking for one :).

The second is to convince myself by seeking to convince you of its benefits to carry on with this practice that has enriched my life so greatly.

(Yes, a little dastardly . . . but really, isn’t that at the base of why we blog? To remind ourselves of what works and why . . . )

For you 

Evan Griffith
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