Note: Blink

Ye God, sometimes it takes eons to alter your viewpoint. Like how long it took me to give up Mountain Dew. Decades.

Then there are those other times, where something changes in an instant. You’ve arrived at a new understanding — it catches your breath!

Oh damn, I think I’m in love with her.

I might just like fish afterall….

Those tend to sneak up on you. You didn’t foresee the shift yet there it is.

I’ve discovered a shortcut too. Let’s say you know a certain thought will serve you better but you can’t quite get there.

I’m going to come through this better than before.

I like veggies. Yum yum.

Play this game with yourself. Tell yourself the preferred thought you’d like to entertain — it takes but a moment — then blink!

Maybe blink twice for emphasis.

It can have a surprising effect. As if you’ve just stated the thought reality you wish to inhabit, then blink, you’re in it.

You’re (playfully) seeing through new eyes.

You’re (playfully) trying on this new thought habit.

You can let this new thought reside within you for awhile — and every time it begins to fade, blink again.

Life has got my back.

I’m coursing with vitality!

I deal with disappointments with humor now, that’s my way.

You may feel like a blinking fool — best not to do this when all eyes are focused on you — still — try it — sometimes the thought you want is only a blink away.


. . . . .

Change your perception —
Blink your eyes —
There — it’s all different now

Evan Griffith


Thich Nhat Hanh: Walking and your cosmic body
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