Note: Clarity 1.20.2020

Today is one of those days that looks jaunty when you write it out:


If you haven’t already, it’s a good day to get clear for your year.

Mine has been a hodge podge, the on ramp to Vision 2020 has been chaotic. It’s not that I’m not trying things, it’s that I haven’t been able to winnow the hours in my days down to…

The. Most. Important. Things.

So — are you with me? In the remaining hours of Day 20 of 2020, let’s try one more time.

There’s no shame in missing the mark.

A forever friend frequently uses the whole freaking month of January to try things out — to deliberate — to hone what he thinks is really essential for the coming year.

And then he recommits in February to his now-refined program.

So we’re getting a jump on him : -)

(Really, every day is a brand new reality beckoning for clarity — this one just has a cool sequence of numbers attached to it — why not use it as a new starting point?)

If your year has gotten off to a maddening start — if the holidays whirled you around and dumped you into the new year with vertigo-inducing suddenness — if you feel like sneakers in the dryer — today’s your chance.

Rather, tonight’s your chance — there are only a few hours left.

I’m going to finish everything up early and go to my favorite spot — which is anywhere I can sit and be silent.

I’ll have a pen and pad with me.

I’ll ask Clarity in — Clarity likes that, a playful request — then I’ll let Clarity crackle — I’ll let Clarity channel herself through my fingertips.

One thing might get written down.

Maybe two.

But — heaven forfend! — never more than three.

Because this:

If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.

~ Jim Collins

Have fun with it.

That what life mostly asks of us anyway.

. . . . .

Be clear in your vision —
Be clear in your purpose


(That’s the first principle in Burn Baby Burn.)

(You won’t be surprised to hear there are only three principles in Burn Baby Burn.)


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