Note: Deliverance

— My bright eyes

— My keen mind

— My schedule

— What I thought I could accomplish

— The people I expect to meet

— What exactly I’ll be doing each day

— What I’m eating

— How I’ll feel

— When I’ll stop each day

— When I’ll start each day

— What a cool traveling creative I’ll be each day

I’m on an art trip, in the second week. Last week I left South Florida, today I nearly kissed Canada. Tomorrow I’ll be in Minneapolis. A couple of days later, Nashville.

Man, the visions I had for this trip!

Like every other trip, I’m high on imagined reality before I leave.

On this trip, I was laid low by actual reality before leaving even — had to embark with sore throat, fever and congestion laying siege to my expectations.

Hell, I had to load up with a fever. Sculpture, paintings, boxes.

Kris, who loaded up with me, I’m pretty sure was feeling worse.

Still — even so — by Day 3 I was coming out of it. By Day 4 I felt like Mary Tyler Moore throwing her cap in the air!

(Minneapolis reference for Boomers.)

For Millennials:

I felt like Thor when he was worthy of Mjolnir once more, and his Hammer flew back into his grasp just when he needed it most!

(Thor I reference.)

I was feeling low today — so far from those I love — so far from the ideal trip I’d imagined.

I had to give it up. What I thought was to be . . .

. . . And then really embrace what I’ve actually experienced.

There’s been a lot of cool shit!

With my sister’s family and my niece.

With artists, toe to toe with Creators in their studios.

Moments where I was agog by clouds in the crystalline blue sky.

I’d like to say it took minutes. It took an hour or more. Once I realized I was playing a disenchantment loop in my head, it took me an hour to overwrite it.



Doesn’t that feel like a long time? It does to me — I should be accomplished at this kind of spirit pivot.

But noooooooo.

Still — you know what?

This happened — this little writing jag here. To you.

Something else is happening too. It’s the anticipation of not knowing what is going to happen next! Something subtle, something rich, something thoughty, something experiential.

Who knows?

I’m here, open to whatever unfolds before me — that’s deliverance from bondage — that’s a kind of magnificence.

. . . . .

What can you let go of today?


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