Note: Feel the vitality

A micro challenge I’m taking on this week takes but a moment — albeit many times a day.

As I leave one activity to switch to another, I’m challenging myself to a caesura — a musical term signifying a pause — a break in the notes for silence — for but a moment.

In this moment I’m tasking myself with focusing for the merest sliver of time to define what I want from the next action.

Most often it’s to inject love energy into what I’m about to undertake. That’s my default.

Every time I do this I feel this twinge of vitality coursing from within, surging.



Shooting forth love energy…

Or an intention…

Or a micro-visualization of how I’d like the action to flow…

Wow, who would have thought … Pausing gathers energy!

That you can spend indulgently.

Until your next pause.

. . . . .

— Feel the vitality coursing through you —


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Note: Emanate
14. One-minute weights