Note: The best way to find your way

When I first got to New York City — the City — I wanted a job with flexibility. Turns out being literate offered some small rewards, one among them being freelance gigs as a proofreader.

Hard to imagine this would be of much value in this world now, where spell check and the ability to scan a document for iterations are built into the top word processing programs.

To get the freelance gigs one had to join a temp agency. To do that one had to take a test. To get to that point one had to ask around for the best agencies and decide which ones to approach first. To get in the door you had to walk through.

And ask.

Simple enough.

I had to take steps.

And this was for a barely desired job.

It’s the same with any desired thing. I forget this! There are steps in the rough direction of anything I’ve planted in my mind.

It’s so simple, why do I forget it? That the best way to anything is to simply take the first of several hesitant steps in what I think is the right direction.

After that, cues will guide me. The negative ones flash and say Uh, this isn’t working. And the positive Come hither further ones blink a joyful note when a route is promising.

The cues are pretty direct. They lead further or they don’t.

. . . . .

The best way to find your way
is to step, however haltingly,
toward the experience you wish to inhabit.


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